Why delegate to SHARE?

You will earn ADA rewards for helping to secure the Cardano blockchain. With SHARE, you also support a good cause, as we give away a significant portion of our income to charity.

More on staking in general from official sources (here)

General Info

Ticker: SHARE
Pledge: 420k ADA
Fees: 1% var. fee
Donations: 6750€
Established: Nov. 2020
Operator: Bastian

YouTube: Alles zu Cardano

Check out our channel covering everything Cardano for our large german-speaking community.

Latest from the Blog

SHARE’s first anniversary

Hi everyone, today marks the first anniversary of SHARE, as the pool was registered on mainnet exactly one year ago, November 17th 2020. With the feeling of pure joy, that we came so far, and the celebration of the anniversary, I wanted to take the time to appreciate all the things SHARE has accomplished together…

SHARE | Donation Dashboard

Hi all, may I present to you > SHARE’s brand new donation dashboard (here). From now on, we will add every donation to this overview in order to keep all delegators and everyone who is interested informed on our donation activities. See preview above. Hope you like it!! 🙂 Best wishes,Bastian

Who is behind SHARE?

Bastian here, I’m a Berlin-based finance and economics professional with a passion for blockchain tech., cryptocurrencies and decentralization. I’m also thriving for changing our economy towards more social and environmental sustainability. Find out more in this interview (here)