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Our Mission is sharing, as we thrive to provide optimal ADA staking-rewards to our delegators, we are giving away to charity and we share knowledge around the Cardano blockchain ecosystem.

SHARE | General Info

Ticker: SHARE
Pledge: 201k ADA
Fees: Lowest possible
Donations: ~5.75k€
Established & Operator: Nov. 2020 by Bastian

Why delegate my ADA to SHARE?

You will earn ADA as rewards for helping to secure the Cardano blockchain. With SHARE, you also support a good cause, as we give away a significant portion of our income to charity.

More on staking in general from official sources (here)

This makes SHARE special:

We share our profits

On a monthly schedule, we donate around 25 percent of our profits to projects in developing countries listed on the website betterplace.org

Check out our Donations Dashboard

We share knowledge

Through our YouTube channel “Alles zu Cardano“, as well as the twitter accounts @builtoncardano and @share_pool, we provide knowledge around Cardano blockchain and ecosystem.

Single Pool Operation

Many stake pool operators run multiple pools to maximize profits. However, this practice is bad for the decentralization of Cardano. SHARE has only one pool.

From our Blog

SHARE | Donation Dashboard

Hi all, may I present to you > SHARE’s brand new donation dashboard (here). From now on, we will add every donation to this overview in order to keep all delegators and everyone who is interested informed on our donation activities. See preview above. Hope you like it!! 🙂 Best wishes,Bastian

About me

Hi, I’m Bastian, the stake pool operator of SHARE. I’m a Berlin-based finance and economics professional with a passion for blockchain tech., cryptocurrencies and decentralisation. I’m also thriving for changing our economy towards more social and environmental sustainability.

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