SHARE’s first anniversary

Hi everyone,

today marks the first anniversary of SHARE, as the pool was registered on mainnet exactly one year ago, November 17th 2020. With the feeling of pure joy, that we came so far, and the celebration of the anniversary, I wanted to take the time to appreciate all the things SHARE has accomplished together with it’s delegators, supporters and friends.

In the first couple of months, the pool was carried solely by delegations of people closely associated with SHARE. To all early-believers in the project, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and express my deepest gratitude towards every single one of you. Many small stake pools struggle to attract an initial sufficient stake to validate blocks regularly. So, we are really fortunate to have started with an awesome group of delegators and to have found some die-hard supporters on the way too, assuring a stake floor of at least 700k ADA. This means we’ll keep on mining blocks regularly in the long-run. Therefore, our first big accomplishment is: You can count on us – SHARE is here to stay.

The second major accomplishment was Input Output Global’s (IOG) delegation of 3.2 million ADA between February and May of 2021, during their first round of community delegations. Getting IOG’s trust was a huge honor and it really kicked things off for the stake pool. It enabled us to deliver on our mission, as we started to validate blocks regularly, and it was key for Cardano community members to become aware of SHARE as well as their decision to delegate to the pool. Possibly, we couldn’t have found so many amazing delegators without them. So, a big thank you to IOG once again.

In regards of fulfilling our job as a stake pool and the first part of our mission: So far, we’ve validated 165 blocks and distributed 106.9k in ADA rewards to our delegators, which currently averages a 4.5% lifetime ROA. At today’s price (1.85 USD per ADA) this would be roughly 200k USD. I’m honored you gave SHARE the opportunity to distribute so much value to our delegators and the beneficiaries of our donations. What strikes me as well, is that I know some of our delegators are able to realize their dreams, because of their ADA investments, and that the stable passive income from staking is bringing them closer to financial independence. I’m humbled to be part of their story and I’m glad to say: We are on this volatile but joyful journey together.

I am personally most proud of the donations SHARE has been able to make with the help of our delegators – but not at their cost. So far, we have given 3,434.50€ (~4k USD) to sixteen different projects from all over the global south. These projects support a vast variety of causes, but most commonly SHARE donated to projects aiming to provide housing and/or education for less privileged children, a cause which is very dear to my heart. As you know, the second big part of our mission is to give away to charity. So, I’m extremely happy we could deliver on that and to have a positive impact on the lives of others. Just a few days ago, we published our new donations dashboard, covering all donations SHARE has made. Check it out in case you missed it (here).

To be fair, SHARE wasn’t able to deliver fully on the third part of our mission, which is sharing knowledge and information around the amazing Cardano ecosystem. Although @builtoncardano and @share_pool have been quite active on Twitter, it was planned to create more content and to be much more vocal about Cardano in general. The main reason for that is that I have a very full life besides being the stake pool operator of SHARE, including a full-time job, and I probably had the most stressful year of my life too. However, these things will change in the not too distant future.

Overall, the first year of SHARE has been a massive success and I couldn’t have asked for more! 😉 Therefore, let’s take some time to celebrate the very first anniversary of the stake pool. May there by many more to come! Thank you!


Full list of projects SHARE supported with a total of 3,434.50€ (~4k USD):

16. The Hurricanes “WASH” Project in Sierra Leone (500€)
15. Futura Indonesia® – Education for a better future (500€)
14. Nyota‘s Organic Green Garden Project (500€)
13. An own house for the MiRO-children by Help for MiRO e.V. (220€)
12. Fight against poverty in the Andes, Peru (200€)
11. CARE-packages against hunger in East – Save the live of children (120€)
10. Help us to provide a good home to 110 children in South India! (100€)
09. Casa de Paz: New life for street kids in Colombia’ (100€)
08. Action Medeor: After East Africa famine (120€)
07. Snehalayam – Home of Love and Hope for Indian Orphans (100€)
06. Education for less privileged Children (100€)
05. West Africa Decentralized Alliance (513.5€)
04. SOS Children’s Villages in Syria (120€)
03. Kanduyi Children | Give children their right to an education! (100€)
02. Care facility for abused girls and women in the Philippines (120€) 
01. Better Chance | School and English lessons for children in Cambodia (20€)

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