About SHARE, the operator and the technical set-up

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What’s behind SHARE?

SHARE’s mission is all about sharing. We want to provide optimal rewards to our delegators, we are giving away to charity, and we share knowledge on the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. Therefore, we make two pledges to our delegators and to the Cardano community.


1. We transparently donate a portion of the rewards to charity, as around 25 percent of our net profits will be given to projects in developing countries listed on betterplace.org on a monthly schedule. All donations will be transparently communicated through our twitter channel and listed in the Donations Dashboard.

2. We operate only one stake pool, in order to support the decentralization of Cardano (info). Therefore, we might adjust the variable fee to incentivize that SHARE thrives towards saturation for optimal rewards to our delegators.

How we share knowledge: For now, we provide knowledge on Cardano through the twitter accounts @builtoncardano and @share_pool, as well as through our blog on this website. Once the stake pool is more established, we will expand our efforts.

Who’s behind SHARE?

Hey, I’m Bastian.
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I’m Bastian, a curios & open-minded Berliner. My long-time interest in the financial markets led me to pursue academic degrees in Economics (B.A.) and International Finance (M. Sc.), and ultimately to discover Bitcoin and the blockchain revolution. With my expertise, I’m thriving for solving some of the important issues of our time: Social inequality and the environmental crisis. I believe that the revolutionary changes and improvements for society and the economy, coming from blockchain technology, will take a big role in solving those issues. Therefore, I got involved directly as the stake pool operator of SHARE. Find out more in this interview I did (here)

Fields of expertise:

Economics & Finance

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Trading & Investing

Technical Set-Up

SHARE | Cardano Stake Pool

Pledge: 100k ADA
Fees: 1% var. fee
Established: Nov. 2020
Ticker: SHARE
Pool-ID: ea7cdd8918204b6c53e41ac6b0c319a1ffa95312660eeeb2ced8be3a

SHARE is running with two relays and one block-producer node, operated from Berlin, but the servers are located in Frankfurt, with a high-quality cloud computing infrastructure provider (not AWS). Therefore, the servers are fast and reliable, assuring maximum performance.