Delegate to SHARE?

SHARE has a reliable pool operation in place and we dedicate much of our time to maintain, monitor and update the servers.

SHARE | Cardano Stake Pool

Pledge: 420k ADA
Fees: 1% var. fee
Established: Nov. 2020
Ticker: SHARE
Pool-ID: ea7cdd8918204b6c53e41ac6b0c319a1ffa95312660eeeb2ced8be3a

SHARE is running with two relays and one block-producer node, operated from Berlin, but the servers are located in Frankfurt, with a high-quality cloud computing infrastructure provider (not AWS). Therefore, the servers are fast and reliable, assuring maximum performance.

Why delegate to SHARE?
Earn rewards for helping secure the blockchain & support a good cause. Check out our two pledges (here)

New to staking/delegating?
If you are new to staking and the delegation process, check out our guide below. Otherwise, find our pool by the ticker SHARE or the above mentioned pool-id.